snowman 3D

First piece of homework for the adv. dip. I was lazy in the Cert II and didn’t make the snowman. Well this time there was no getting out of it *slaps self on wrist*

I tried not to get caught up in details like I usually do so it’s mostly made out of primitives and thrown together quick. But then I spent the next 3 hours playing with camera and render settings to learn more about them. OOPS oh well I tried!

The snow was REALLY blue from the sky but turning off the reflection casting on the sky dome left the snow grey scale. So after mucking around with lighting for a while I gave up and then corrected the blueness slightly in Gimp.

I had the same problem with the skydome reflections in my junkyard enviro. Maybe there’s some way to do colour correction in Maya that I haven’t worked out yet.


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