snowman 3D

First piece of homework for the adv. dip. I was lazy in the Cert II and didn’t make the snowman. Well this time there was no getting out of it *slaps self on wrist*

I tried not to get caught up in details like I usually do so it’s mostly made out of primitives and thrown together quick. But then I spent the next 3 hours playing with camera and render settings to learn more about them. OOPS oh well I tried!

The snow was REALLY blue from the sky but turning off the reflection casting on the sky dome left the snow grey scale. So after mucking around with lighting for a while I gave up and then corrected the blueness slightly in Gimp.

I had the same problem with the skydome reflections in my junkyard enviro. Maybe there’s some way to do colour correction in Maya that I haven’t worked out yet.


Learning How to Realistic Flora

So this weekend I played around trying to learn how to create realistic grass, with the end goal of rendering a realistic looking forest scene.

Here’s the grass!

grass render 20150720

I’m pretty happy with the results for the most part. There’s 5 different types of grass:

  • Dead ground cover
  • Short grass
  • Slightly taller short grass
  • Medium length grass
  • Tall grass

It has been really hard but I’ve learnt a few things like how to use paintfx better, how to use an instancer to replace particles with objects (handy!) and how to use camera lenses.

I’ll save my grass assets so I can use them in future projects (yay time savers). Hopefully soon I’ll have a library of plant life I can use on my projects any time but classes start on Tuesday! I’m doing the Adv.Dip in Game Art online, starting with 3D Art Pipeline and Storyboard Pre-Production. Hopefully I’ll see some cert II people there 🙂