Environment Submission

So after being a deer stuck in headlights in the face of the class deadline all day today, I finally finished my assessment and submitted it. Here’s some of the images. Some of the assets (textures/UV mapping make me want to cry) and the environment layout is still a work in process but this is how far I got. The first 2 images are camera angles that will be used in my final animation. The fire is just to prove I can burn things, it won’t be in the final environment¬†but there’ll still be plenty of fire and explosions >:]

dumpster view render 2  birdseye oil drum lying down render junk pile renderburrrn lamp post render


Enviro Test Render

So after working on texturing some more assets and making my brick wall I wanted to just play around to see how things would look together in a scene, this is the result. The ground plane and skydome are just placeholders, I’ll be making them better, hopefully getting a silhouette of an urban/industrial skyline on the skydome.

If I have time I’ll also adjust the wall model so the top follows the shape of the bricks rather than just being a straight edge.

environment render test 2


Had some fun with soft selection and a plane after class today. Here is my first junk pile. I’ll create a couple more with different shapes and textures and all of them will have some random assets like tyres, beat up oil drums, an old wooden stool and some rusty metal sheets placed randomly on them to make them look better. The piles will be seen in the background I think every shot of my animation.

junk pile 1


I’ll have to stop procrastinating now and start work on a ruined brick wall, a street lamp and my sky dome.