Character Concept to Final Render

Meet Krunk! He is the main character in the short animation I’m doing for my art course.

I started by just scribbling out some robot ideas and then chose the one I liked best. Here are the orthographic images and the final coloured concept image for my design:

ortho front ortho sideΒ Final concept

When it came to modelling him, I had to make some minor changes. If I’d done orthographics from the top and back I would have noticed that what I had drawn in the front and side images, doesn’t quite work in 3D reality.

Also I decided to make his neck straight as I found it pretty much impossible at my skill level to get it exactly how I wanted it in the time I had to finish the modelling in.

Overall the model came out very similar to the concept:

mesh Krunk mesh tank treads

The colours aren’t the same on the final render of the model compared to the final concept image. I’m still considering changing the colours further but for now this is Krunk!

krunk perspective orange Krunk side orange Krunk back orange


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